The Cancer Freedom Program

Recovery, Remission, & Radical Weight Loss

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The Cancer Freedom Program

Recovery, Remission, & Radical Weight Loss

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"I was scared to hire someone on the internet but I'm so glad I signed up.

Dr Amy gave me a science backed path to follow and I know exactly what to do to prevent recurrence."


- Meredith Flanagan

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni) 

"After cancer treatment, it was tough to invest in my recovery. Thank goodness I did!

Working with Dr. Amy has given me my life back."


-Carla Roach

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni) 

"I lost way more weight than I thought I could! My energy is back with a vengeance and I'm able to keep up with my 3-year-old."


- Roxy Bush

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni) 

If you are trying to heal, prevent a recurrence, or you want to be proactive and reduce the risk of cancer ever coming back - then the Cancer Freedom Program is for you.

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About the


The 'Cancer Freedom Program' is a group program for female cancer survivors. Feel at home in your post-cancer body by increasing your energy, losing forced menopause weight, and decreasing your hot flashes. With this program you can start to feel like yourself again!


The 'Cancer Freedom Program' was created by health care experts with a combined 40+ years of clinical experience working directly with women just like you! The program content was created and reviewed by a Registered Dietitian, Oncology Pharmacist, a PhD in Nutrition, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

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"If you want to get your life back after cancer, sign up for this program right now!"

-Christina Purtell

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni)


 Here's what we will help you do inside the program.

Prevent a Recurrence

Drop Weight (Even in Forced Menopause)

Feel At Home in Your Body 

Feel Energized

Be Hot Flash Free

Most women end up struggling for far too long after finishing cancer treatment. They are overwhelmed with anxiety around food, how they exercise and what supplements to take. They simply don’t have the right tools and strategies to support them through cancer recovery.

When you follow the science backed steps of the Cancer Freedom Program, with expert coaching, accountability, and a community of supportive cancer thrivers - you will cut your risk of a cancer recurrence by more than half!

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I’m Dr. Amy,

Cancer Recovery Expert

I’m here to tell you that you can completely recover from cancer.  I’m living proof!

After 12 years of working in cancer care - helping thousands of women diagnosed with cancer, becoming a Doctorate in Cancer Care, and being diagnosed with cancer myself, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to be not only cancer free but free from cancer!  Absolutely and completely free of the long-chemo side effects - there are many days where I actually find it hard to believe that I was ever diagnosed with cancer at all.  

This is why I created the Cancer Freedom Program - to help you do the same!

It’s science backed, step-by-step formula that helps women who have been diagnosed with cancer not only find a “new normal” but a “new and IMPROVED normal.”

This formula has worked for my own personal cancer recovery, it’s worked for over 300+ women who have completed the program, so I know it will work for you too!


"The program is so easy to follow there is no way you can fail. You will be successful!"

-Patou Brozovic 

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni)

Get Started On Your Cancer Recovery Plan Today!


If you’ve made it this far, you most likely know it is possible to break past the “new normal” and reach your new and improved normal.

If you are ready to feel like you have closed the chapter on cancer, you are confident in your body, and you are not missing out on anything that may help your recovery - it all starts here today!”

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"Dr. Amy helped me make it through the most challenging time of my life."

-Andrea Buccino

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni)


"Before I started the Cancer Freedom Program I had almost given up on losing weight. Now I'm getting back to the person I was before cancer."

-Abigail Vare

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni)

Here's What You'll Learn in Each Module

Module 1: Cancer Freedom Foundations

Your cancer recovery journey starts here. Module 1 will completely change the way you think about cancer recovery and remission. You'll quickly discover how to overcome fear and anxiety by getting started with your own “Cancer Freedom Formula.” This is not a one size fits all program - this is customized to you.


Module 2: The "Anti-Cancer" Diet

Discovering how to fuel your body for cancer recovery and remission is critical for cancer thrivers. This module guides you step by step plan for the “anti-cancer” diet specific to your diagnosis and dietary preferences.  Topics include: recovery protein (animal vs plant based), plant forward eating, and how to customize your plate for cancer recovery and remission.

Module 3: The Art & Science of Cancer Remission

Module 3 covers what foods you should include and foods to AVOID as a cancer thriver. Topics include how to navigate: sugar, alcohol, animal proteins, dairy, soya, artificial sweeteners and more. The foods you should be avoiding are not what you think.

Module 4: Medication Secrets (Side Effect Repair & Rebuild)

With many survivors getting long term cancer treatments - tamoxifen, anastrozole, letrozole - medication side effects can often delay healing for years.  In this module, you’ll learn how to support your body to be FREE from side effects (weight gain, exhaustion, joint pain, hot flashes) and to heal while continuing to take these medications. Time to feel at home in your body once again.

Module 5: How to Use Exercise to Activate Healing

This module is where we create a customized movement or exercise formula - specific to you and your diagnosis.  You’ll discover how simple exercise movements can activate healing and prevent a recurrence.  Topics include: types of exercises, how often to exercise, stacked movements to heal and be free of chemo side effects, and a step by step exercise plan for you to follow.  This is a simple, powerful, scientifically proven formula. 

Module 6: Develop the Power of a Cancer Recovery Mindset

What every single cancer thriver has in common is the knowledge to create a “Cancer Freedom Mindset.” Discover how to transform from cancer survivor (struggling with exhaustion, hot flashes, weight gain, and anxiety) to cancer thriver.  You’ll discover how to enjoy your life and your cancer recovery journey.

Module 7: Cancer Healing Herbs, Supplements, and Superfoods

You will discover superfoods, teas, herbs and supplements that can support your body's ability to repair and recover. Often we are not able to absorb or support our body with food and movement alone - supplements may be your missing key to cancer freedom.

Bonus Module: 8-Weekly Cancer Freedom Meal Plans

Each week you get the exact recipes and meal plans to show you how to support your body for recovery and remission.  No more guessing what to cook for supper. If there is something you don’t enjoy eating or doesn’t align with your food preference - we have an entire library of ideas. Topics include: meal plans, cook book, holiday eating, the anti-cancer diet while traveling, and more.  


"I was feeling lost in survivorship. After working with Dr. Amy, I feel like I'm on the right track with my recovery."

-Megan Fecht

(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni)

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"You deserve this!

It's time to get back to yourself.  This program did that for me. 

In two weeks I started feeling like myself."


(Cancer Freedom Program Alumni)


Did you know?

We got connected for a reason. Now it’s up to you to take the next step.


During cancer treatment you are supported every step of the way by your oncology team but when your treatment comes to an end, all that support disappears. Now that you are in cancer recovery, it is up to you to take action! 

This program is based on scientific strategies that are proven to reduce your risk of a recurrence (while simultaneously helping you lose weight, increase energy, and feel at home in your body once again).

When you follow a science backed recovery plan you get real results. Faster!

Suffering with long-chemo symptoms - feeling exhausted, uncomfortable in your skin, anxious - is the unfortunate reality for far too many women. This does not have to be your story!

Get started today! Apply for the Cancer Freedom Program by clicking the button below now!

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